As GISR Institution for Survey Research focuses to a great extent on the deployment of the science of public opinion polls in Egypt and the Arab world, to help in paving the way for it to be accepted and appreciated in the society, GISR had decided to invest in children, aiming at creating a generation of believers not followers, a generation that can value diversity in opinions, and has the capability of reaching a common ground through compromise.

GISR had introduced a one- day training workshop for children(10-12 years) that aims at introducing them to the difference between a fact and an opinion, how one can formulate their own opinion, how to accept the fact that others have their own opinion as well, and how to negotiate to reach a common ground. Through the workshop, children are also introduced to survey research as a tool to capture the diversity of opinions and express it.

The workshop uses non-formal education, including more than 15 group activities with four main phases. The first phase consists of ice-breaking exercises that also give an introduction to the topic of the workshop. The second phase is concerned with introducing children to their own opinions, how they can differentiate them from facts, and  highlighting the importance of forming their own unique opinions. The third phase stresses on the importance of diverse opinions and why we should respect others’ opinions, and use this diversity to the benefit of the whole eliminating judgmentalism and stereotypes and opening more space for discussion and communication. The final phase aims at educating children about opinion surveys, how to collect data and present and interpret results.


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