Public opinion polling today can be classified as being a "Fifth Estate" because of its growing impact on the formulation of public policies, and in imposing pressures on governments to alter certain decisions and policies. Although its importance in linking between the public and decision makers, public opinion polls and surveys aren't used as they should be in the Arab world. Therefore, GISR has a very high interest in promoting the importance of public opinion to help in public policy formulation, and in programs, projects campaigns design and monitoring and evaluation .
We hope that by helping in developing the survey research industry in Egypt specifically and the region generally we will help in the current democratic transition in the region as the voice of citizens becomes highly valued and seeked by decision makers which will eventually lead to promoting the values and characteristics of good governance in the society.

Arabic edition of the book: “Managing Think Tanks: Practical Guidance for Maturing Organizations”

GISR Institution for Survey Research has translated to Arabic and published the 2nd edition (2006) of Raymond Struyk’s highly regarded and widely read book for think tank manager: “Managing Think Tanks: Practical Guidance for Maturing Organizations”. The book was translated

GISR Academy

GISR Academy is the first Arab academy that focus extensively on the educational side in the field of survey research in a non-academic way. GISR Academy provides the survey research industry with highly qualified calibers who will be able -in

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GISR has launched a new blog for those interested in the field of survey research. The blog is in Arabic. It features scientific articles published by GISR or any other experts/institutions who wish to contribute to the field. It also

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