Untitled-1GISR Academy is the first Arab academy that focus extensively on the educational side in the field of survey research in a non-academic way. GISR Academy provides the survey research industry with highly qualified calibers who will be able -in return-  to  leverage the industry by the knowledge and skills they will acquire.

GISR Academy main activity till now is the “Summer Training Program” it provides for students of Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Faculty of Mass Communication, and Faculty of Social Work. This is a 30-45 days training program that train students on all the process of survey management. It tries to link between theory and practice. It train students on all technical and soft skills needed to be able to work and excel as a survey researcher.

More activities are planned to be on the way. Activities will focus on educating the public and specific groups about survey research through trainings and various innovative techniques such as YouTube videos, infographics …etc.