44GISR Institution for Survey Research has translated to Arabic and published the 2nd edition (2006) of Raymond Struyk’s highly regarded and widely read book for think tank manager: “Managing Think Tanks: Practical Guidance for Maturing Organizations”. The book was translated by Ms. Shaymaa Kadry and Ms. Esraa Mamdouh.

This book provides sophisticated advice tailored to the specific needs of think tank leaders in eight critical management areas: motivating and retaining staff; maintaining quality control; Developing new products and services and identifying new business opportunities; creating strong team leaders; Working successfully with the Board of Trustees or Board of Directors; structuring the research staff; Communicating results effectively; and determining an accurate overhead rate.

This publication on managing think tanks fits perfectly into this rubric where management and policy intersect. Ray Struyk, a leading expert on policy development in Central and Eastern Europe, provides practical advice for well-established policy institutes gleaned from his experiences in the region.


You can order the book through the following mail: publications@gisr.org

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