In pursuit of our mission and vision, GISR offers the following services:

Our Services

  • Conducting surveys and polls through different data collection tools mainly through telephones (landline-mobile), focus groups, internet (web – emails), direct mail and face-to face interviews. The variety in the data collection methods is intended in order to reach different categories of respondents which will eventually be in the interest of the customer who will want to know about the different sections of the society.

  • Analysis of the Public Opinion trends, through issuing reports analyzing the results of the different surveys over time and across themes.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation for public programs and campaigns. This includes setting indicators for following up the development and the performance of public programs and campaigns in accordance with the standards and methodologies of monitoring and evaluation, collecting the needed data from the relevant stakeholders, and producing analytical reports with recommendations.

  • Conducting qualitative research through focus groups and content analysis.

  • Offering consultancy services on tasks related to survey research, such as technical assistance in establishing other survey research centers in the region, helping development projects in conducting needs assessments.

  • Offering training courses and programs – through GISR Academy- in the field of survey research; this includes training on: interviewing skills, questionnaire design, analyzing and presenting data, sampling techniques, SPSS…etc.

  • General research work and research translation